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EasySEO is a complete SEO-in-a-box, built on extensive research into what really helps websites rank well, and costing thousands less than an SEO consultant.

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1Ranking Opportunities

EasySEO finds high ROI keywords that will bring the greatest value with the least effort.

  • Site-specific

    Other keyword difficulty tools only consider broad indicators of competitiveness. But difficulty is relative depending upon your existing content, how established your site is, and other factors. EasySEO finds keywords that are easy specifically for your site.

  • Maximum ROI

    Don't waste time chasing keywords that are too competitive. Focus your efforts on content that will drive the most traffic and value.

  • Minimum Effort

    Build naturally upon what search engines already know about your site, so you can rank quickly without link building or other manipulative tactics.


2Competitive Analysis

EasySEO compares your website to the competition on over 200 factors to evaluate ranking likelihood.

  • Save Time

    We collect hundreds of data points on the top competitors for EVERY keyword. An expert SEO consultant would take days to do the same research our software completes in seconds.

  • Data-Driven

    Most SEO software is just checklists of best practices recommended by "experts". We rely on data, not opinion. All recommendations are based upon analysis of over 200,000 websites to determine what's really most important to high rankings.

  • Adapt to Changes

    Yesterday's best practices are today's penalty triggers. We regularly update our data models to stay on top of search engine algorithm changes like Google's Panda update.


3Action Recommendations

EasySEO recommends specific action steps to address your weak areas and dominate the competition!

  • No Experience Necessary

    Step-by-step instructions make SEO so easy, even the intern can do it!

  • Customized Recommendations

    The best SEOs can analyze hundreds of data points to determine the best strategy for every website. We use the power of intelligent software to do the same thing, at 100x the speed and a fraction of the cost.

  • Lower Risk

    We can help you avoid short-term fads and "black hat" tactics that do more harm than good.

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