It's time to take back the search engine results.

EasySEO uses a lot of tricky math. Our team includes 2 Stanford engineers, a Berkeley PhD, and a guy we borrowed from Nasa. We analyzed about 200,000 websites against hundreds of factors to make sure we got this right.

That's a lot of work.
But we feel strongly that small businesses, bloggers, and niche publishers have something valuable to say. Enabling them to take back the search engine results from soul-less mass produced content currently dominating ended up requiring a whole new approach to growing search traffic.

What happened to the web of passionate individuals?

My sister-in-law takes touchingly beautiful child portraits. A college roommate is a leading expert in natural building techniques. A friend writes the most uplifting music you will ever listen to.

What do all these talented and creative individuals have in common?

They're getting crushed in the search engine results by vapid content written by inexperienced freelancers and posted on Big Brand websites.

Ever wonder why there are no surgeons on the first page for "surgery risk"? No gemologists ranking well for "how to rate a diamond", no vets for "upset stomach in dogs", no car mechanics for "exhaust pipe repair"?

At some point several years back (OK, it was in 2008), Google decided that (in the words of then-CEO Eric Schmidt) the internet was becoming a "cesspool" of low quality content, and "brands are how you sort out the cesspool". So they begin putting more emphasis on the size and authority of a website in determining their rankings. You can probably guess what happened next. Big Brands, recognizing that they could suddenly gain top search rankings with pretty much any crap they threw up on their site, started mass producing content on an enormous scale.

Small businesses — that is, the people who actually have the expertise and experience in most specialized topics — were virtually pushed out of competitive search engine result pages, and told that if they wanted to get traffic from Google, they should pay to advertise via Google AdWords.

We think this sucks. The internet has long been a place where creativity and talent could gain recognition regardless of its source. It would be a shame to see the web's marketplace of ideas dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, just like so many strip malls offering the "choice" of 10 Big Brand chain stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. Search engine result pages are headed in the same direction, with most competitive keywords offering a choice only between the Applebees, Starbucks, and Olive Gardens of the Internet. Only a small minority clicks beyond page 1 — perhaps the same people who persistenly seek out farmer's markets, local coffee shops and mom and pop restaurants.

Well, that's us. We love the handcrafted web, and the creativity, diversity, and passion that comes along with it. We prefer professional knowledge and amateur writing to its converse. We believe search engine rankings should be determined by the quality of your content, not the quality of your SEO consultant. We believe that small businesses, bloggers, niche publishers — folks driven as much by passion as profit — do have something valuable to add to the web conversation.

The web's marketplace of ideas is like a city connected by a single highway, and Google controls most of the exits. If Google doesn't connect your website to the flow of traffic, you might as well not exist. We can't change how Google ranks pages, but we can help even the playing field so the "good guys" — small businesses, bloggers, and niche publishers — can get the attention they deserve.

Our technology is designed to help any website, of any size, start earning search engine traffic without needing to spend $10,000/ month on a decent SEO consultant. No, we can't guarantee you'll rank for any keyword you want — there are plenty of snake oil salesman making that promise who will be happy to take your money. Instead, we're focused on helping you earn valuable targeted traffic naturally, without manipulation. By focusing on keyword phrases where your website is already competitive, you kick off a virtuous cycle, where the attention you gain writing on less competitive topics earns your site the authority it needs to become competitive at the next level.

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